Summer app is the one place you can explore, curate and share the things that matter to you.

Here is how it works and why we think you will love Summer

Summer is currently available for iPad, iPhone, and the web. We are working hard to bring you Summer to Android and Mac soon

Track and curate your favorites or what you're anticipating next

Make lists of your favorite Sci-fi books, the thrilling games, and music that defined your college days. With Summer, you can create mix lists of different genres or categories of things.

Soon we will be launching places and events. Have a suggestion?
Let us know what category you would like on Summer.

Get inspired by your friends and the community

Find inspiration for what to read next. Learn what TV shows and movies your friends are raving about. Stay up to date with the podcasts that matter most to you and your communities.

Discover new things to do

with Summer's handpicked recommendations and popular lists from the community

Share the love easily and beautifully

Summer is designed for you to have private and public lists. Currently, we are integrated with Instagram and Twitter.

You can also embed a link on your personal websites. Have a travel blog? Summer is a great way to stay connected with your community far away and suggest some of your favorite things along your journey.

Keep it private to yourself

Summer lists can be used for personal organization, shared with specific users or made public for everyone to see. You have total control over who sees what what in you create.

Every Summer account comes with 2 free private lists. Need more private lists?
Upgrade to our Unlimited Summer plan.

So much you can do with an item

Check out where it is offered and compare the pricing.
Check out the trailers or previews.

Rate and Review

Summer lets you quickly rank how you like the content, or write your take on it.

Suggest an item

With the new Suggest an Item feature, you can solicit recommendations from your friends and Summer community, or suggest anything to someone’s open public list.

All the suggestions in one place

You can tap on the notification icon in your lists or profile to see all the suggestions.

Mark as Complete to your Completed list

Mark an item when you complete it. It will automatically be added to your private Completed List to track your accomplishments.