March 26, 2020

Behind Summer’s Art: Ori Toor - The Freestyle Gibberish

Summer is all about creating a canvas for people to express themselves through their lists of interests. Summer was founded with the appreciation for art and the commitment to the creative community. We celebrate and showcase the best art and artists behind their work.

If you find yourself staring at the illustration we have on the Summer app and the landing page, you have come to the right place. It’s crafted by artist and illustrator, Ori Toor.

When we first encountered Ori Toor’s illustration, we were immediately hypnotized by the dreamy wonderland he had created. Each time we contemplate the same piece by Ori, we find something new and inexplicably alluring from the reverie he has orchestrated.

Based in Tel Aviv, Ori reinvents every now and then his artistic styles in both motion graphics and illustrations. He currently practices his illustration in a style which he calls freestyle gibberish, where he improvises the creation of each graphical element or character. If you look closely, the elements or characters always appear to have their own stories, brought together harmoniously with Ori’s masterful instinct in catchy colors and dancing lines. Ori’s work always casts a synesthetic experience as if you are seeing a piece of Jazz music coming live.  

Check out Ori's latest creation and his selected work  here